Manners and Mobiles: August 2016

In town yesterday, I noticed a middle-aged couple sitting in the sun, eating lunch. Or rather, the woman was eating lunch – a rather nice-looking salad – while the man was scrolling down his phone.

Now I do understand that every relationship has its arid patches. It is not always easy to be passionately interested in everything one’s partner has to say. But- call me old-fashioned – and definitely call me parsimonious, if you are going to spend good money on eating out with a companion isn’t it worth making an effort to converse? Apart from enjoying a good meal, isn’t that the main reason for going out? I could almost have understood if both man and woman were on their mobiles – perhaps their reason for eating out was a mutual hatred of cooking – but, no, the woman, who looked very nice, also looked pretty unhappy while she munched her salad in silence.

To be fair to the man, there might have been good reasons for his behaviour. Perhaps his partner had just told him she was having an affair with his best friend and he looked at his phone in an effort to manage his rage. Perhaps their son had fallen from a cliff and was sending him desperate texts. The man did not have the look of a cuckolded husband or a desperate father. I suppose he might have recently given his wife a phone and was busy arranging her contacts for her which could be considered as caring by some, and controlling by the rest of us. To be honest, I’m not convinced by these explanations. I think he was just rude, and if I were the nice woman, I wouldn’t eat out with him again.


One thought on “Manners and Mobiles: August 2016

  1. Jill

    I bloody love this Debby. You always manage to come up with something so dazzlingly current, making it ironic, and often sad. I LOVE YOUR POSTS….This mobile-stupid-looking at it every minute of the day thing drives me round the twist. I’ve noticed such a change in social habits in Spain. John and I get the Wah Wah ( local bus) to the swimming pool twice, three times a week, and we sometimes feel we need ear-plugs because everyone talks to each other all the way there…Loudly as the Spanish do!! And I have to say it’s bloody marvellous, because no one is on a mobile phone. People really engage with their children, whether it’s on the street in the park or on the beach. Occasionally you do see people on mobile phones, checking for messages or other fascinations, but it isn’t such a popular and frantic time wasting antisocial habit as in the UK. Glad I got that off my chest. My one daughter get’s carried away sometimes with all her life seemingly attached to one of these hybrids, but my eldest daughter doesn’t even have one. She has a mobile for work, but that’s tucked away in her briefcase once in a while, unless she has to leave it switched on for a particular and pressing reason. Whatever happened to the day’s work or pleasure without something in your back pocket, handbag or bra invading your peace and quiet. Didn’t we just wait until we got home for our land-line to ring or NOT. Anyway, I’ve got carried away. Sorry! Your posts drive right through my thoughts and my heart. Love you Debby Holt….XX


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