April 2017: Happy Talk

I’m aware I haven’t posted for a while. To be honest, the world’s in such a sorry state at present that I’ve found inspiration difficult. My mood wasn’t helped after I finished reading “Sapiens”, a stunningly brilliant book by Yuval Noah Harari. He shows us how humans became the dominant species on our planet and he makes it clear that we should not feel too proud of this. Our history is a violent one: we’re cruel to each other and we’re even more cruel to all the other species on the planet.

This morning I went to the gym and, while dolefully plodding on the running machine, I watched Breakfast News. An interview was carried out with two young men who’d run in the London Marathon. They’d both been near the finishing line. One stopped when he saw the other was about to fall from exhaustion. He then helped him to struggle across to the finishing line and thus gave up his chance to win a PB – I have NO idea what a PB is, but it obviously means a lot. Anyway, both men were sweet and self-effacing and made me cry, (not a good thing when you’re on a running machine.)

Walking home, I realized – not for the first time in my life – that despite all the misery and greed and violence in the world, there are many people who are kind and thoughtful. And then I thought of the lovely weekend I’d just had with my sister, Aleda. I recalled the Skype call from youngest son Charlie last night and the conversation I’d had with oldest grand-daughter, Lyra: “Granny, you sound far more sensible in your books than you do in real life.”

In other words, it is always important to remember the many people we know or we read about who lighten our lives. As Winston Churchill said, “I am an optimist. It doesn’t seem too much use being anything else.”

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