August 2017: In Praise of Bookshelves

Pity the poor e-book reader whose life holds no tangible evidence of books read and loved and books yet to enjoy.

My childhood mentors were E. Nesbit and Noel Streatfield. Their fictional children were bolshy and wilful and rarely blessed with good looks, perfect role models for a child with an appalling haircut and a fatal desire to please. Later, I moved on to Georgette Heyer who remains a great antidote to low spirits, Agatha Christie, and Margaret Irwin whose historical novels gave me my choice of subject at university.

In my student years I loved D.H.Lawrence. I thought he was very wise which shows what a very unreconstructed female I was. Now I love the American authors Ann Patchett, Anne Tyler and Elizabeth Strout: they show with great skill the vulnerability of each and every one of us. It is liberating to realize that there is no-one who has all the answers.

3 thoughts on “August 2017: In Praise of Bookshelves

  1. jillmillerblogcom

    Really enjoyed this post Debby. Unlike you, my sister, and lots of other people I know, I didn’t begin my serious, delicious reading until quite late on. And missing out on early reading, I fear, can never be caught up with. Most of my young life, from 9-15, was spent submerged in water, pools, rivers and cold seas and channel swim training. I gave it up for black eyeliner and a horrendous back-combed and lacquered bee-hive, to the huge disappointment of my parents who believed I was the next Olympic champion in the making…However, I now have an insatiable appetite for books. (I did read Heidi, and cried because I wanted to be her living on a Swiss mountain top with her grandfather and goats) I cannot bring myself to get at all interested in a kindle. I have to feel paper in my hands, turn pages, wonder who read, the book I am holding, before me. I love the feel and the smells of real books, which can often conjure up people lives. My sister, the book worm, has been a great influence, and the most widely read person I know. Thank you again Debby for a thought provoking post which inspires old thoughts to rise and make my heart smile…X And…congratulations on the publication of another bloody good read…

    1. debbyholt Post author

      Jill, it is worth writing blog posts just to get a Jill response. I love that you were going to be an Olympic champion and am not surprised since I remember you swimming with great panache in the swimming pool at Frome Sports Centre. I meant to add in my last post that looking at a screen before sleeping is detrimental to the quality of said sleep but I think I probably wrote enough.


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